written & performed by TONY DUNHAM & ANDY VALVUR
In English and American!

For roughly 400 years, the United Kingdom and the United States have been…well… united… in a relationship that runs the gamut from intimate to frosty. A bit like a really long marriage filled to the brim with ups and downs. And yet we stay together because… er… no one else will have us.
This is the central theme of A Special Relationship, the latest stage entertainment penned and performed by, in no particular order, the very British gentleman, Mr. Tony Dunham, and his colonial counterpart, the American, Mister Andy Valvur. In the course of the evening, the handsome pair grapple intimately with such themes as, Women, Cricket, Baseball, History, Humo(u)r, Manners, Politics, and Sex…and Women.

„Ein äußerst witziger, kurzweiliger Schlagabtausch, der durch das gute Timing und die flotte Präsentation der „Zwillingsbrüder von verschiedenen Müttern“ frisch herüberkommt.
An extremely funny, entertaining slugfest that comes across as something new by dint of the good timing and smooth presentation from the “twins of different mothers“
Ein Spaß nicht nur für „native speakers“.
Fun, and not only for „native speakers”. „

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

„Dunham und Valvur lassen die Kunst der Vaudeville- Komik wiederauferstehen – mit Intelligenz und Witz.
Dunham and Valvur resurrect the art of vaudeville comedy – with intelligence and wit.“

Kölnische Rundschau

„Schon ab der ersten Minute sorgen beide Gastgeber für Witze am laufenden Band…Stand-Up-Comedy at its best.
From the very first minute both the hosts provide jokes on a conveyor belt…stand-up comedy at its best.“