BTHVN 2020 – Beethoven Jubiläumsjahr 2020
Lew Tolstoi
in englischer Sprache

with Nikolaus Büchel and Ronja Sophie Putz (Violin), co-directed by Lisa Wildmann, scripted by Nikolaus Büchel ,assisted by Ulrike Fischer
Music: Paul Gulda/Matthias Bauer, stage design includes a motive of Jürgen Messensee

In 1890 The Kreutzersonata  by Leo Tolstoi was first published and soon the unsettling story  became  one of the most controversial texts in world literature.  Nikolaus Büchel has turned Tolstois profound  psychodrama of a shattered  marriage into a dense monodram subtly commented by a a violin. Kreutzersonata in English language is a project on behalf  of Ludwig van Beethovens 250 birthday in 2020,  supported by BTHVN2020.